HostGator Hostings Prices Reviews + Latest Discount Coupons

HostGator Hosting Pricing

On our blog, We always talk about HostGator and today let me share with you this entire post on the HostGator Hostings Pricing & how much each hosting plan or package of HostGator that will cost you before you subscribe to them and how the discount coupons that I will share with you below in the post help you to get a whopping discount on those respective HostGator Hosting Plans & Pacakges.

HostGator has been a company which was founded back in 2002 and with the time, HostGator is now offering various web hosting related services In house Domain Registration, WordPress Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, Joomla Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and many more and today let me talk about its pricing modules & how you can save a lot of money on purchasing those hosting plans by using some HostGator Coupon Codes.

Hosting Plans Offered By HostGator

Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting which is offered by HostGator is the most cheapest hosting package that HostGator is offering which regularly cost around $6+ each month but thanks to the HostGator Coupon Codes, you can get up to 75% Off using the Coupon Code which we’ll share with you below.

In the Shared Hosting, there out you’ll find some more subscriptions in this hosting plan which is suitable for various webmaters & hostings geeks. Check out the Shared Hosting page on the HostGator site and choose the one which better fits your business.

Now let me share with you the HostGator Shared Hosting Coupon here so that you can get up to 75% OFF on HostGator Shared Hosting.

Coupon Code: hostingbundle

Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting starts at $4+ each month and this hosting plan offers up to 2X fastest speed & 4X more resources than the Shared Hosting & other available & offered by HostGator.

In the Cloud Hosting, you’ll also find that there are up to 3 mini subscriptions & packages that you can choose one of the them for your business. Each package comes with different resources & pricing modules so it’s better to choose the right hosting plan for your business.

You can also get a whopping discount on the Cloud Hosting by using the Cloud Hosting HostGator Coupon Code.

This special coupon code will let you get up to 44% off on the HostGator Cloud Hosting which is an incredible offer & coupon offered by HostGator by itself to new users who want to subscribe to the HostGator Cloud Hosting.

Coupon Code: SNAPPYC579

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most used & loved Platforms by most of the Webmasters. Almost most the websites are powered by WordPress and if you’re looking for a WordPress hosting, HostGator is the best fit for your WordPress Hosting.

The WordPress Managed Hosting starting plan starts at around $5+ but thanks to the HostGator which is offering a special deal for WordPress Hosting.

Anyone who want to get discount on the WordPress Shared Hosting should use the below coupon to get up to 56% discount.

Coupon Code: SNAPPYW579

Reseller Hosting

Do you want to start your own Web Hosting Selling Business? And looking for the best company to join and start your own web hosting selling business? HostGator is the best fit for you because the HostGator Reseller Hosting is built for businesses who want to make & earn money just by reselling the most reliable hosting services out there.

The Reseller Hosting Aluminium Plan starts at $19.95/month only but thanks to the Coupon Code, you can get a whopping discount using the below coupon which is shared by HostGator itself officially.

Coupon Code: SNAPPYR192424

Join the Reseller Hosting today and start selling the most reliable hosting services to your customers under your own brand name.

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What Are The Best Ways To Get Discount on HostGator Hostings?

HostGator Hosting

Are you looking to purchase hosting from HostGator? Normally HostGator costs around $6+ for the Shared Hosting plan which you can easily purchase and host your blog and install WordPress on. But wait, thanks to the HostGator incredible hosting company which is offering some great deals & discounts but let me share with you today what are some of the best ways to get discount on HostGator and how HostGator is currently offering discount deals.

Best Ways To Get Discount on HostGator Hostings


The very first thing that we think of getting hosting discounts is discount coupon codes and the same thing goes here. HostGator is offering some amazing discount coupon codes that let you get various discounts on various hosting plans which the HostGator team assign to each & every coupon that you find on our blog.

So now let me share with you a list of ways to get discount on HostGator.

1. Discount Coupon Codes

As we discussed earlier, HostGator has been offering some promo codes & coupon codes that you can use with the respective hosting accounts and get a whopping discount using those Coupon Codes.

In case you have issues finding the right & working coupon code for HostGator, don’t worry because we have built this blog to help you share with you all kind of HostGator Discount Deals, coupon codes, promo codes & other Black Friday¬†& Cyber Monday deals to help you get the most possible discount on purchasing hosting or other related services from HostGator.

2. Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals are one of the most favorites & loved deals that every Blogger love & like because of the whopping discount deals that every Blogging Company & web hosting company is offering. Mostly Black Friday Deals happen at the end of the Year or before a month of the year ending.

We have seen a lot of the time at the Black Friday Hosting Deals events where HostGator offers the most discounted price tags to new registrations or those who have existed HostGator accounts and want to upgrade their hosting services & accounts to a new level or subscriptions.

3. Affiliates Deals

HostGator offers an Affiliate Program and we have noticed that HostGator is offering some promo codes to Affiliates and anyone who use the Affiliate Marketer’s or Blogger’s HostGator affiliate link will get a whopping discount. Like normally HostGator costs around $3+ for the HostGator Shared Hosting plan but thanks to the HostGator team, we have been given a special discount deal by HostGator that lets you get the HostGator Shared Hosting for $2.95 instead of $3.95+.

So it’s highly recommended for you to choose & visit the HostGator Affiliate Blogs and read their reviews & use their affiliate links before you actually go and subscribe to HostGator hostings through Google or direct website visit.

4. Email Newsletter

If you want to get yourself up to date with all the HostGator deals, discounts & news, I’d highly recommend you to sign up for the HostGator Newsletter because HostGator sends a newsletter to customers & subscribers in which they include some discount deals, news & other amazing deals. So it’s also an incredible way to get a whopping discount on the HostGator hosting packages.

5. Our Blog

We have started our blog to help you find the most interesting & useful deals that you were always wanted to take a look at. Check out our blog for latest deals & coupon codes for HostGator because every time we bring something new for our readers and I hope you will find our blog useful.

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How HostGator Can Help You Make Your Business Grow?

You may come with a question: Why HostGator to choose & what are the benefit you’ll get from hosting your blog with HostGator.

Out there, you’ll find that there are millions of users who are running their businesses & blogs using the HostGator Hosting Services. But today let me tell you why exactly you need HostGator for your Business Blog hosting and what will be the advantages of hosting your blogs with HostGator.


A Little bit About HostGator

HostGator is one of the popular web hosting companies that offer web hosting related services to millions of happy customers around the world. It was founded back in 2002 and within a few years, it got the attention of the customers and become one of the most reliable web hosting companies out there.

HostGator is currently helping users & customers with various hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Dedicated Hosting, Joomla Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and many more.

Is HostGator Good for a WordPress Blog?

Most of the WordPress Users are looking for a hosting company which is offering a WordPress reliable & cheap hosting for WordPress Blogs and that’s why I’m recommending HostGator for all those Beginners who want to have their WordPress Blogs hosted with HostGator Shared Hosting because Shared Hosting plan from HostGator is the cheapest & most reliable hosting service which every WordPress user can easily opt for and start hosting their WordPress blog with.

With the HostGator Shared Hosting, you get all possible resources that a WordPress user needs such as One Script Installer, Addons Domain Options, File manager and few other important options & features.

One thing that I like a lot about the Shared Hosting plan is that HostGator is offering a huge discount coupon code for Shared Hosting that lets you get up to 75% Discount on HostGator Shared Hosting plan by using the Coupon Code HostGator is offering nowadays. It’s I think for a limited time only but it is worth using because up to 75% OFF! is incredible offer!

Even though, HostGator is offering some Black Friday Deals as well along with Cyber Monday Deals & other events in which they offer some hidden discounts which we’ll like to share with you right on this blog so you can get the most possible discount on your HostGator invoice.

HostGator Shared Hosting

The HostGator Shared Hosting plan is one of the must have to choose hosting plan for beginners & starters who just want to get started with their Blogging business and who doesn’t have much traffic coming to their sites. However, for high traffic sites, HostGator Shared Hosting is offering even more subscriptions which will be a good fit for all kind of hosting needs.

If you’re just a starter then I’d highly recommend you go for the HostGator Shared Hosting and the reason is that you get an incredible hosting solution, Unmetered bandwith, fast hosting & one click WordPress installation feature.

How HostGator Can Help You Grow Your Blog?

We all know the importance of a good & reliable hosting in the online blogging business. Here let me outline some of the things that hosting affects blogging.

  1. A good hosting company will help you load faster [HG rocks here]
  2. A good hosting company must offer 99.99% up time guarantee [HG rocks here once again]
  3. Endless & 24/7 fastest support [again HG rocks here]
  4. Cheap Price tags (this is not very really important but it does help you save a little money – HostGator Coupon Codes are available as well that lets you save a lot on your invoice) [Once again HostGator wins this Race]

HostGator allows you to setup your own blog even on the Shared hosting within minutes and you’ll then see the result after setting up your blog with HostGator.

Few Features of HostGator

We love hidden features of HostGator with you and so some of the features are the following.

  • Offers unmetered bandwith
  • Fastest hosting
  • Endlesss support
  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • One click installation
  • Offers almost all hosting services
  • Cheapest hosting price out there on the Earth
  • Offers Discount Coupons Codes and open to Black Friday Deals as well
  • Offers many other incredible services

I hope you found this post useful. If there is anything you want to ask, please don’t forget to comment below and I’ll be happy to get in touch with you soon through replies!

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